Case of Ishwari Devi Makhija at Ramkrishna Care Hospital, Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India.

Emergency Dr. Mumtaz Ali

Sr. Consulting Neurologist Dr. Sanjay Sharma

Plastic Surgeon Dr.Sunil Kalda

Chief Hospital Administrator Dr. Ashok Zargar

Director Ramkrishna Care Hospital Dr. Sandeep Dave


Ishwari Devi Makhija an elderly mother of Raipur Chhattisgarh was rushed to Ramkrishna Care Hospital at 1 A.M. with pain in her leg on 9th October 2009. A Doppler ultrasound was done by Dr. Jugnu Jain who further advised that since there appeared to be no blood flow to the lower leg Catheter Angiography should be done. Then emergency ward doctor Dr. Mumtaz Ali and consulting senior neurologist Dr. Sanjay Sharma and plastic surgeon Dr. Sunil Kalda decided to admit the patient under Dr.Sunil Kalda who is a plastic surgeon. Patientís son was told that no harm would come to patient. Then she was kept in the ICU for 18 days and four procedures were done on her. Two procedures to open the clot. And two amputations and her leg was finally cut off from the hip. But Catheter Angiography was not done. The clot in her artery is still intact. The wrong doctor was treating her.

This is what they did to her. When the patientís younger son a doctor himself appeared on the scene hospital director Dr.Sandeep Dave waived the patientís bill of 3 lakhs. Then chief hospital administrator Dr. Ashok Zargar modified the patientís medical records to show that when the patient came to the hospital the leg was already gangrenous. Patientís elder son wrote to them that he already has the original documents so modifying medical records will not help. Then they paid the plain clothes policemen and Tikarapara Thana In charge RK Dubey to beat up patientís son so that no case is filed in court and nothing is written on the internet about this case. And THIS CHHATTISGARH is going to be the ideal state of India. This hospital also wants to treat patients of the world. After talking to many people who have also suffered after going to this hospital I know for sure that sooner or later this hospital will close like MMI because the same doctors are now working here. There is absolutely no care in the hospital as can be seen from this case. Is this a hospital (house of God) or the mafia ?

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Do you still want to go to this hospital and these doctors for treatment?